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A true Hangover tale...........

Well this past June me and the misses celebrated our anniversary in Vegas. I also had a really close friend get married on the same day. It was a really great day.
Well thats how it started anyway.
The day began about 9am.
Everyone who went out to Vegas (15 people) for the wedding and our anniversary agreed to meet for breakfast and to prepare for the wedding that was to be at 3pm.
About 11am we hit Ceasars to play some black Jack and play around with the slots before the wedding. First things first, drinks. Yes I know its not even noon yet but its a celebration beetchez!!
Anyway Sobe and Vodka all morning long.
2pm, oh crap!! We need to go get ready!! So we run back to Bally's to start getting ready for the big event and we stopped at the little stand on the first floor to pick up something to drink. Vodka bottles, Cranberry juice and Monster. A buddy of ours who is not a huge fan of vodka brought up a case of Shiner Bock.
2:30pm , piss drunk 6 people are getting into a cab and leaving to a wedding.

3:15pm (late) we all begin to arrive at the chapel. Drinks in hand and falling down we prceed to the alter as I was one of two best men.
Wedding was filled with drunken emotion and sobbing
4:00pm, wedding is over and we proceed to a rest. behind our casino. Dont remember the name of it but it was a famous italian rest. with pics of all of the mobsters that used to eat there back in the day.
7:00pm, we all head back to our rooms to change and head out to a little place called Diablo's. If you have been to the Monte Carlo then you know that its the club with the big devil lady holding a pitch fork in the front.
8:00pm, we all get ourselves more drinks and the singer of the band bought all of us a round of shots to celebrate the recent wedding of our buddy and our anniversary. Great way to start off the night!
10:45pm, a buddy of ours became slightly out of control. He is a very quiet type and is usually very reserved. After multiple shots his alter ego took over.
11:30am, our friend disappears. He was nowhere to be found in the bar so we set up a three man search party. Three drunk people looking for a fourth. We searched for for him high and low in the casino then after calling his phone about twenty times we went to look for him back at the hotel. (Bally's)
12:00am, as were walking back up to our hotel room I finally got a phone call from my missing buddies cell phone. As I answer in fustration I was advised that it wasnt my missing buddy on the line but the paramedics. They were advising me that they had him in E.R. and he was found unconscious at a bar in the MGM Grand. He was covered in his own vomit and his hands were black.
Moment of thought. How in the hell did he manage to get from the Monte to the MGM by himself?
12:10am, were headed to the hospital to check on our friend now more tired and upset than drunk.
12:45am, we arrive only to see him completely knocked out and hooked up to IV's. In my own drunkeness, I assumed pass out postion  onthe security guards golf cart outside.
2:00am, me and the misses made our way back to the hotel leaving behind one of the girls to watch him.
5:30am, he was released from the hospital and came back to the hotel.
To this day he doesnt have any idea how he ended up at the MGM or how his hands becam black with soot. At first we thought he may have been crawling on his hands and knees but his pants werent dirty.
Next day we proceeded as normal on our drinking binge like he didnt miss a beat. His hands wee a little shakey from the incident but was ok otherwise. The names have been omited to protect the dumbasses. 
We had a t-shirt made in one of the shops on the strip that had his name on the front with the date and a man in a hospital bed looking up at a doctor on the back. 
If you thought this was a good story holla back!!

By the way his new nickname is E.R.

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Where is the Rabbit violator CHE??

Now I know all of my fellow Laker fans are extremely upset that they will no longer have the great rabbit humper on our boards letting us know how great is is to be a Clover lover. Well now what is he up to?? Now he must be back to his old ways violating small farm animals in ways only he could.
So you guys tell me, where is the rabbit humper???
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Posted on: October 3, 2008 5:21 pm

Whats on your ipod? "H" list

Hey guys, it time for the "H" list. Man its pretty sad, I only have a few. Heavy D, H-Town, Heart, Heavy D and Hinder 
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Posted on: September 26, 2008 11:28 am

Whats on your ipod? The "G" list

I would like to thank all of you who have voted on the blog and who have waited patietly for new list to come out. During these political and economic times I have been especially busy here at work. So without further delay,   The Game, Gang starr, George Clinton, George Thorogood, The Ghetto Boys, Godsmack, Grand Funk Railroad,  Grandmaster Flash And the Furious Five, The Grateful Dead, Green Day, Gucci Mane, The Guess Who, Gym Class Heroes

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Posted on: September 16, 2008 12:36 pm

Whats on your ipod? Most popular band results "E"

Man this keeps getting more difficult to call! There was little love for the King (Elvis) and Elton John as they only had three listings on your devices. The champ for the "E" blog was Eric Clapton-9, The Eagles-7, Evanescense-7 and Eminem with 6. Wow! It is really hard to call and as far as the device users are concerned. Sad seems to have the most popular bands on his device. (All of the bands that show up most on everyones ipods are on his also) and the Oddball(JK) seems to be Crimson. Crimson has very unique musical taste. I love the fact that Crim is keeping me up to date with the rock scene. Thanks again and we will see you all again real soon!!! 
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Whats on your ipod? The "F" list

Well were finally moving along down the list. "F", Fabolous, The Fabolous Thunderbirds, Fallout Boy, Fat Joe, Fergie, 50 cent, Finger Eleven, Flo Rida, Foo Fighters, and Freddy Fender. Small list. What ya got?
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Posted on: September 15, 2008 5:20 pm

Thoughts and prayers to all in the path of IKE...

Well it has been a tough weekend for those caught in the path of hurricane Ike destroying the Texas gulf gulf coast and part of Louisiana, I have friends and family in the gulf and my prayers go out to all of them. I wish all well who were unable to leave the areas and for those we lost. We did not have to leave San Antonio as the weather did not effect us, we have had the privilage of helping out those in need. CBS has been a great site to be a part of as it joins people from all over the U.S. and we can communicate freely about things in our communities. The recent severe weather alerts have certainly been a topic of discussion and I am thankful for having you guys as pals around the country. If you were effected by the hurricane in any way please find peace and compassion in god and in your family and friends. I know that most are without homes and electricity and some will not get back to this sight for a while. So our prayers are there for you who are without and we wish you well. Please feel free to add to this blog if you have any thoughts about the recent hurricane or if you are one who had to evacuate. Peace to all.
Posted on: September 11, 2008 3:18 pm

Whats on your ipod, most popular bands "C" list

Results for "E" list are Coldplay-8, Creed-7, C.C.R., Cinderella, Chicago and The Cars all with six. Again thatnks for your support with the blog, I was suprised with the results of this blog as I was with "B". I was shocked that more people have Coldplay on their device versus The Cars. I was also happy to see so many people with Cinderella on their lists. 80's music is definately in the house! Honorable mention to MDSOX and one of her "C's" Chris Haley from the band Woodbelly from Dallas TX. They are a great reggea ska band and I have seen them here in San Antonio a few times. Check them out on youtube if you get the chance. They were really in to Stevie Wonder covers.
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